Microparticle Synthesis


ID: BDD20.003.00


Particles are ‘bowl-shaped,’ made of PEG, and can contain:

  • Various desired cell-adhesive agents

  • Capture agents (e.g. anti-IgG, peptides) that can bind to cell secretions

  • Affinity and binding agents such as biotin, thiols, etc so that you can personalize adhesion and secretion capture at your own facility.


Cell secretion assays

Enables you to perform cheap, easy high-throughput cell secretion screening.

The particles are similar to microwells that are suspendable enabling you to screen and sort millions of secreting cells within a day with just particles, oil, and FACS, speeding up your cell line development and research.


  1. Attach cells within the cavity via adhesive agents.

  2. Isolate attached cells from each other by simply mixing the particles with oil and agitating to form water-in-oil emulsions.

  3. Secretions from the cells can then be captured by agents on the particle.

  4. Select for desired cells by removing the oil, staining desired secretions, and sorting desired particles with FACS.

Note: Novec 7500 with 2% PicoSurf are normally used to form emulsions for assays.

Please contact us with your exact needs as further variations may be available.



Key Terms

Materials, Screening, Diagnostics, Immunoassays, Tissues engineering