Thin Film Deposition


ID: AGC20.001.01


Terfenol-D, an intermetallic compound of Fe-Tb-Dy, is a well-known magnetoelastic material. It plays a key role in both direct and converse multiferroic applications due to its strong coupling between magnetization and strain. In comparison with bulk Terfenol-D, thin film Terfenol-D has distinctive advantages such as CMOS compatible fabrication process, improved ductility, moderately hard magnetic properties, etc.


  • Acoustic devices (e.g. sonar and speakers)

  • Magnetometers

  • Micro magnetorhelogical fluid control

  • Inductive charging

  • Energy harvesting

  • CMOS integration


  • Deposition Thickness: between 50 to 200 nm

  • Compatible Substrates requirements:

      • Material: Si, Sapphire and PMN-PT

      • Maximum Substrate size: 4” in diameter

      • Maximum Substrate thickness: 500um